Wooden shims for straightening structures

Finnkiila Oy, which operates in Jyväskylä, manufactures wooden shims intended for straightening structures and other equipment needed for construction. The wooden shims are suitable especially for the needs of professional construction and industry, and it is possible to order large amounts of them to be delivered anywhere in Finland. Our products are even quality and make the work go smooth. Take a look and contact us!

Easy work with ready-made wood shims

Wood shims are the best alternative for straightening roofs, exterior cladding and structures. Straightening is laborious, but the ready-made wood shims make your work easier and faster. The shims that can be ordered ready-made are equal quality and more affordable than when you make them yourself.  Read more and make an order!

Products for professional construction and industry

We are developing different kinds of equipment for construction together with professionals. Our latest product is a shims case, intended to help with installing the wood shims, and we are developing it together with professionals in the roofing industry. Read more about our products!

Even quality and durability

We aim to maintain our product quality as such that it serves our customers best. We manufacture the wood shims cost-effectively, and we do not spend much time in finishing them. In this way, we can also keep the prices appealing. Take a closer look at our operations!

Contact us

At Finnkiila Oy, we wish to contribute to the development of our customers’ productivity and quality of work. The even-quality and appropriately sized wood shims make the work go smoother. Our equipment makes it quick and easy to install the shims. Contact us and ask for more info!

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